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About us

Jankovich Birtok was founded by József Jankovich de Jeszenice in 1996, in line with his family's tradition of landownership ever since the 17th century in Hungary. In 1956, Jozsef Jankovich de Jeszenice fled Hungary, became a successful entrepeneur based in the Netherlands, and seized the opportunity to establish the Jankovich Birtok after the change of regime in Hungary in the early 1990’s.

Jankovich Birtok functions as a family foundation. Its strategy is focused on the long term, with sound financials as a basis.The operations are managed by Westerheide Kft. Westerheide Kft has the aim to further develop the estate into a best practice of rural development, based on long term sustainable relationships with partners, the local community, authorities, and a biodiverse nature.

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