Our activities


Arable land


We grow wheat, durum wheat, rapeseed, corn, sunflower, alfalfa, and niche products like hemp, crimson clover, black radish and spelt. With our own team of professionals and modern machinery and technology, we aim every season to improve our performance, farm profitability, and the ecology.

Drying and storage facility, integration services


The Délsomogy Drying and Storage facility has a drying capacity of 250 tons per 24 hours, and a total storage capacity of 7000 tons. With its 60-ton electronic scale on an 18-meter bridge and its computerised measurement, it services the Jankovich Birtok and other farms in a professional and transparent way. Its processing capacity is up to 500 tons a day.



Over the last decades we have planted a large area of new forests, especially on marginal lands or lands with inclination, to prevent erosion, capture water and carbon, and improve the biomes. The forests comprise oak, linden, birch, poplar and acacia, and are harvested in such a way that there is a substantial net growth of biomass and forest biomes.

Hereford pedigree cattle


Herds of Hereford cows roam the grasslands of the estate. During the winter months they stay in a spacious paddock where they are fed alfalfa and other fodder grown on the estate. Their manure is valuable for land improvement, and their rotational grazing essential for the health of our grasslands. Our quality pedigree Hereford cattle are renowned, and sold in Hungary and abroad.

Orchard and fruit forest


In our orchard we grow stone-fruits – plums, peaches, cherries, apricots, and nectarines. These are sold to regional markets. Over time we are converting the orchard to a fruit forest, moving away from monocultures with the aim that a diverse gene-pool of different edible plants will result in a more self-balanced biome, where less maintenance is needed and results in a more diverse habitat for wildlife.