Our Purpose

To inspire, connect and share, by building a family estate for generations to come.

The Jankovich Birtok was created to re-establish the family’s roots in Hungary, and to continue a centuries-old family tradition of landowner- and steward-ship. After the end of its communist regime we began to look around in Hungary, since the former family estate in Racalmas had been expropriated in 1948. We settled for the present location because of its sheer beauty and biodiverse landscape.


Over the years, and with the active participation of new generations, as well as being a family base the Jankovich Birtok has grown into a showcase of best practices in regenerative estate management, where lessons are learned and shared with many stakeholders. This process will not be completed any time soon, if ever – constant innovation is key. We want to show the broader community how to deal with the effects of climate change, and how to work on mitigating this and the other challenges of our time.

We aim to reconnect people with the role they are playing in their natural ecosystems. We believe we have to take responsibility for leaving the environment in a better state for future generations than we have found it. The leading principle will be to better understand nature so that we can support her in building healthy ecosystems. In this process, knowledge, passion, innovation and a long-term holistic view is required. Technology is not a goal but an important means to reach the desired outcome.

On the way we want to have fun, enjoy the team spirit, and be mesmerised by the beauty of it all.