Our activities

Regenerating the ecosystem

Biomes on the estate


The diverse landscape of the estate is home to a wide variety of biomes that are located at short distances from each other. Lakes, streams, marshlands and swamps, mixed forests, shrublands and grasslands are connected, and result in a rich habitat. We value this habitat as a core to our estate, and protect and strengthen it where possible.



We are proud of our rich biodiversity, and work to strengthen and expand the gene-pool where possible. In order to be even better stewards, a Flora and Fauna Field Guide was created to identify and learn about the many species that thrive on the estate.

Wildlife management and hunting


The natural springs and lush vegetation of the valleys, combined with the many connecting forests and shrubs, result in an ideal biodiverse habitat for bigger game. Hunting forms an essential part of our wildlife management. The hunt for deer, fallow deer, roe and wild boar is performed in the most traditional and sustainable way.