Our activities

Supporting the community

Local Businesses and Employment


We support local entrepreneurship by giving loans and technical assistance. When sourcing services or products we give preferential treatment to local partners. We aim to create meaningful jobs in our surrounding villages.

Village Infrastructure


We are working together with local municipalities and other authorities to improve the infrastructure of the villages that border the estate. We are maintaining roads, renovating buildings, breaking down dilapidated houses, and co-investing in communal infrastructural projects.

Youth Centre and Elderly Club


We support the elderly club of the village, a house where the elderly meet regularly and do activities. We also donate to the youth centre, helping them to offer activities related to sports and the arts, as well as fast internet, a library and a workout room.

Village activities


We organise several activities for the village throughout the year: an English summer camp for the local youth to bond, have fun and learn English; a summer concert in the church of Hedrehely, followed by a reception on our premises to bring together the local community and a diverse group of friends, dignitaries and business relations; and art camps for the plein air artists of Europe to celebrate the beauty of nature, and share their work at an art exhibition in the village, with a painting workshop for the local youth.