How we do it

Agritech showcases

We use agricultural technology extensively on the farm. We continuously invest in top-of-the-line tractors, implements and other machinery, to be able to work the land in the most effective and sustainable manner. We try out new technology, and help (bio-)tech companies innovate, as we believe that technology holds parts of the answer to the challenges of farming and the environment.

Farm digitisation. AgroVIR


AgroVIR farm management software enables us to look at the profitability and environmental impact of the entire farm operation, and generates actionable insights to improve our performance. It tracks all our activities on a granular level, from seeding to harvesting, and with its benchmarks it helps us to select the best seeds and plant technologies for our specific farm situation.

Variable rate application: Augmenta


Sensors are an essential part of precision farming. Augmenta sensors are mounted on top of the tractor, and measure the biomass levels at each pass in real time, resulting in variable rate fertilization of the crops. This has proven to save fertilizer use and at the same time increase yield. The future will also provide sensors for variable rate chemical application.

Thermal drone deployment in mowing season


A DJI drone with a thermal sensor is used to search for and remove wildlife before the mowing of grasslands. Drones are also used to inspect crop damage and the quality of plant growth.

Calving sensor, Moocall


Moocall sensors monitor pregnant cows, and send a text message approximately two hours before calving, so assistance can be there in time. This saves money compared to constant monitoring, and enables a more accurate response in case of complications.